Running Evelyn

The repository contains a sample server host and client application, and configuration for Docker to run these using EventStore as our event store. You can run these on the command line, or in Visual Studio.


  • Docker is installed on your computer. Note that if you’re already running in a virtualised environment - for example, Windows running in Parallels on a Mac, then you probably can’t use the docker files as Docker doesn’t play nicely with nested virtualisation.
  • .NET Core 2.2 SDK
  • if you’re running on linux or macOS the evelyn build scripts require you to have mono 5.12.0 or later installed

Running in Docker using the command line

Run the ./runSample.ps1 script (Windows) or ./ (Linux/macOS). This will kick off Cake scripts which will build and then run the Docker containers.

Running in Docker using Visual Studio (Windows)

Ensure that the startup project is docker-compose, then run the solution.